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2010 Carnegie Award Presented To Bob Malcolmson At The Ontario Chamber of Commerce AGM

2010 Carnegie Award Presented To Bob Malcolmson At The Ontario Chamber of Commerce AGM

The Chamber Executives Chamber of Commerce Ontario (CEO) awarded the James Gordon Carnegie Memorial Award to Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, Chief Executive Officer & General Manager, Bob Malcolmson on Friday, April 30, 2010 at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting & Convention in Windsor. The award presentation was made by 2009 Award winner Bob Hammersley of the St Thomas Chamber of Commerce and assisted by CEO Chair Kelly Darnley and Johnston Group representative, Debbi Nicholson.

The James Gordon Carnegie Award is presented annually to a Chamber Executive of Ontario member, who is nominated by their peers, for their exemplary efforts as a leader and mentor to other chamber managers.

“This annual award pays tribute to the memory of the late Jim Carnegie, who managed the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for approximately 30 years. He was an outstanding leader in our Chamber network and within the community, and acted as a mentor to so many Chamber executives,” acknowledged CEO Chair, Kelly Darnley.

“It is truly an honour for me to be presenting this award to a fellow peer that is a highly respected individual that exemplifies outstanding chamber and community leadership.  He also gives generously of himself to supporting the chamber network and towards helping other chamber managers succeed” said Hammersley.

Included with the award was a cheque for $1000 provided by CEO’s major sponsor, the Johnston Group, administrators of the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

A nominator commented that, “ Our Chamber has ‘borrowed’ many useful ideas from Bob and his staff at the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce and has only made our Chamber stronger.”

Other comments from the nominators of this year’s recipient included:

“Bob is very deserving of this award. He has offered to assist many of his peers in the area of strengthening our boards and board governance as a whole. He personally had success with an exercise that he did with his board that identified their weaknesses and strengths. He was very willing to share this program with others and even offered to act as a facilitator if required.”

“Bob has been open and giving of his time and above all, extremely positive and supportive. He is professional, without taking himself too seriously, and is always willing to share ideas with new Chamber managers.”

“Leadership is especially about dong and saying things before it may be popular to do so. Over the years, I have regularly witnessed Bob display courage and initiative in the higher interest of Oshawa or the Region, despite being viewed by some as unpopular. Even so, the political leadership in Durham Region has come to understand that his force is always on outcomes, not people, and that his pragmatic positions are shared by many. In my estimation, Bob is a leader who leads by example, and who is driven by the highest ideals.”

The original version of this award is permanently on display in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce office in Toronto. Previous recipients of this award include current chamber managers: Debbi Nicholson from Sudbury, Gerry Macartney from London, John Dolbec from Hamilton, Keitha Robson from Timmins, Stuart Johnston from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and 2009 award recipient Bob Hammersley from St. Thomas.