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Advancing Our Economic Ties With China: Three Priorities For Canadian Business

Canadian Chamber Report – In a report released in mid January, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce argues that Canada-China ties are quickly becoming one of Canada’s most important external relationships. Today, more than ever, what happens in China represents both a challenge and an opportunity for Canadian businesses.

In the report entitled “Advancing Our Economic Ties With China: Three priorities for Canadian business”, the Chamber presents three elements to making Canada’s relationship with China more profitable: implementing a strategy of political engagement with China; removing barriers and irritants to more trade and better trade with China; and, improving the investment relationship with China.

There are opportunities for Canadian businesses to provide China with the goods and services it requires to sustain its own development. These include energy, raw materials, food, financial and engineering services, aerospace and transportation, and higher education. If Canadian businesses improve their productivity and innovation, if governments continue removing barriers to competitiveness in Canada and if the global competitive playing field is better leveled, Canada will prosper in its exchanges with China and the rest of Asia. Click here to view the full report.

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