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Business Advisory Centre Durham

The Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) is a not for profit organization incorporated in 1999.

We are one of 57 SBEC’s (Small Business Enterprise Centres) funded in partnership by the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Regional Municipality of Durham and part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs. To date, we have served over 9000 clients who have created over 2000 businesses!

The BACD strives to inspire entrepreneurs to #DoItInDurham! We launch and grow successful business within the mainstream economy in the Region of Durham. Mainstream businesses account for 85% of Canada’s economy. We guide our clients to increase their chance of success and survival through providing advice, education and tools to incorporate into their business. By helping our clients be successful, we create economic wealth through job creation and retention.

We offer no cost, one on one professional advice, low cost workshops and other specialized services. We support Summer Company and Starter Company, exclusive government funded entrepreneurship programs for youth aged 15 – 29.