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30-Minute Off-Peak Lakeshore GO Train Service

On Friday, April 19, 2013 Metrolinx announced that beginning June 29th GO Transit is increasing off-peak service on the Lakeshore lines to meet the needs of its growing number of customers. This is the largest service expansion in GO history and the result of years of careful planning and construction to expand service on this line.

The Lakeshore line currently operates two-way, all day trains service every hour, with a total of 137 weekday trips. With the expansion to half-hourly service, GO Transit will be adding 263 new weekly trips overall or 36,288 more seats every week. This means schedule train times will be less of a factor for residents along the Lakeshore lines and travel will be more comfortable, as promised in its Passenger Charter. (more…)

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New Windsor/Detroit Bridge Receives Presidential Approval

On April 12, 2013 U.S. President Barack Obama issued a presidential permit that will allow construction of a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor. “This is a huge win,” said Bob Malcolmson, CEO & General Manager of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce. “Since 2003 the Windsor/Detroit Border issue has been a part of the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce policy priorities.”

In May 2003 the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce first presented a policy resolution at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce AGM and in the fall of 2003 at the Canadian Chamber AGM calling on federal and provincial cooperation to invest and improve the infrastructure at the outdated Windsor/Detroit crossing. (more…)

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Public Sector Problems, Private Sector Solutions

Partnering with the private sector to deliver more public services could potentially save Ontario billions of dollars, according to a new report on alternative service delivery from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Certified General Accountants of Ontario.

The report, “Public Sector Problems, Private Sector Solutions”, makes the case that many of the services Ontarians rely on can be delivered better and more affordably by businesses and not-for-profits, including in areas of health care and education. (more…)

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Another Major Review For Ontario’s Workers’ Compensation System

Submitted by Ian Howcroft, Vice President, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Ontario…On April 25, 2013 CME presented to Douglas Stanley, who is holding public hearings that will help to shape Ontario’s workers’ compensation system. He is seeking input and will be reporting directly to the Chair of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB). This is the third major consultation that the WSIB has conducted over the last few years. The system was introduced in Ontario almost 100 years ago, and all recognize that there is a need to update it and ensure that it is relevant and properly and appropriately serving the needs of all stakeholders, particularly the workers and employers of Ontario. (more…)

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OPG Awards Turbine Contract Darlington Refurbishment Project

Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) continues to move forward with the refurbishment of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. OPG has awarded an equipment supply and technical services contract to Alstom Power & Transport Canada Inc. to refurbish the four turbine generator sets at Darlington Nuclear. The contract, valued at approximately $350 million, is one of several that will be awarded for the refurbishment of the station. 

“This is an important part of our refurbishment project,” said Dietmar Reiner, Senior Vice President, Nuclear Refurbishment. “We conducted thorough reviews of the major turbine and generator components, and determined that they are in good shape, with no life limiting issues. However, other factors that might affect their life need to be addressed through refurbishment. The work and upgrades associated with this contract will allow the equipment to run for another 30 years.” (more…)

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