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HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN embodies her motto “All Challenges Squarely Met.” Her versatile engineering plant, complex command and control system, impressive array of modern weaponry and sensors, as well as her highly trained and motivated crew, combine to make her one of the most advanced and capable general purpose frigates in the world.




Attention Professionals Practicing in Durham Region

Are you a professional practicing in Durham that assists their clients with any aspect of financial, legal, accounting or other area of their wealth?




The Durham Strategic Energy Alliance Presents a one-day Conference and Exhibition Thursday, September 25th, at the  Ajax Convention Centre, 500 Beck Crescent, Ajax, ON.




August 26, 2008 — In an effort to build regional collaboration and maximize economic development opportunities, community leaders from business, academia, labour and government will be invited to attend an economic conference on the future of Durham Region this fall.

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Episode One: The One Where We Start A Podcast