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Clear The Way This Winter

Let’s work together to make this a safe winter for our community. With the snow finally arriving, the City of Oshawa asks residents, businesses and landlords to help their community by clearing the way. Property owners are reminded to completely clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their properties by midnight of the first day after precipitation has ended.  Furthermore, if you have a fire hydrant in front of your home or business…

please remove accumulations of snow and ice around it. Oshawa Fire Services also advises that you check for snow accumulations around exit doors and furnace vents. It is crucial that all exit doors, stairways and fire escapes remain free of snow accumulation.

In order to facilitate snow clearing and salting operations, on-street parking in Oshawa is limited to three hours and prohibited between the hours of 3 am and 6 am from December 1 to April 1. In addition, vehicles parked in a manner that present an obstacle to snow clearing operations may be tagged and/or towed.

Community members looking for up-to-date information on snow plowing and salting operations on City roads can access Snow Clearing Activity Reports online at www.oshawa.ca/snow. During a winter snowstorm, these reports are issued three times a day. Please remember that the City and Region have a system in place to ensure that Oshawa’s roads are plowed and salted in the most timely and effective manner.

For more information on snow clearing/salting operations and on-street parking, visit www.oshawa.ca/snow. For details on fire safety, visit www.oshawa.ca/fire.