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COPR Report

Sgt. Colin Shaw
Durham Regional Police, Centralized Oshawa Problem-Based Response Unit (COPR)

Since our last newsletter, the COPR unit, in conjunction with our community resources, has continued with our very successful downtown initiative. The results have been astonishing over an eight week period. There have been 157 arrests, 301 criminal charges, 75 public intoxication arrests, 127 provincial charges, and 286 street checks. Numerous drugs have been seized, including marihuana, crack cocaine, opiates and ecstasy tablets. $38,445 worth of drugs and currency has been seized as proceeds of crime.

The project team has rotated through the division and many innovative techniques have been used to guarantee success. Visibility has been high in the downtown and the merchants and citizens have been well received. Police have received positive feedback from the Mayor’s office and the community has been sending in comments and treats for the officers.

Officers have arrested people for a variety of offences. A traffic stop of a vehicle for minor offences led to the seizure of a firearm. A male was arrested for defecating on a main street of the downtown. A driver of a motor vehicle, who was prohibited from driving in Canada, was arrested for impaired driving after he was observed drinking a beer while driving on Simcoe Street. An illegal body rub parlor, with suspected links to Eastern European Organized Crime was shut down as a result of ongoing police attention.

This initiative is a long-term, sustainable initiative involving all of our divisional resources. With the assistance of our other community partners we hope to make the street safer and to eliminate some of the fear of our citizens in walking the streets of our downtown.