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CPAC Special – Oshawa: The Road to Reinvention

Oshawa Ontario, is known as the home of General Motors of Canada, and that has brought prosperity to the city for almost 100 years. But a world-wide recession and depressed auto sales have forced the giant company to reinvent itself and Oshawa is changing along with it. As laid-off auto workers struggle to adapt and find new jobs, city leaders are continuing with their efforts to diversify the local economy. Bob Malcolmson, CEO and General Manager of the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce participated in the filming of an hour long documentary about its city which was aired on CPAC. Titled, “Oshawa: The Road to Reinvention”, the program looks at the past, present and future of General Motors in Oshawa as it also reveals new opportunities that have developed in health-care, higher education and alternative fuel research.

The special first aired on Sunday August 16th at 8pm EST. and again at 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on Monday August 17th. The program will air again, however dates and times have not yet been scheduled. Oshawa area channels carrying CPAC are Rogers-Analog CH 97, Rogers Digital CH 104, Bell CH 512, and Shaw CH 396. For upcoming airings visit CPAC.ca and check under “schedules”. To view the entire special online, simply go to CPAC.ca and click on “video on demand”.