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Cyber-Security: A Necessity For Any Business

Cyber-Security: A Necessity For Any Business

Submitted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner , who protects and promotes the privacy rights of individuals.
In a world where more and more business is being done online and information stored digitally, every business needs to ask itself: are we set to face online threats? Some have called 2011 “the year of the breach” as major corporations have fallen victim to hackers who have compromised the personal information of customers held by company databases. While in most cases it’s been high-profile multinationals that have been hit, small business owners shouldn’t gain a false sense of security. Unlike your business, a highly visible multinational may indeed be a blinking target for hackers looking to make a big statement or score. But at the same time, a big business typically has the resources to weather the storm of brand damage and lost trust brought on by such an incident. Do you?

If you don’t want to find out the answer or feel you already know it, strengthening cyber security needs to be a priority for your business.

In reflection of this reality and in honour of both Cyber-Security Awareness Month and Small Business Week, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada developed a series of articles designed to help protect your business. They call attention to the common weakness-points hackers seek to exploit and some steps you can take to protect your business. As every business’ systems and needs are different, they may not provide full solutions, but serve as good starting points toward greater cyber-security for your business.

From password strength to encryption, from securing your wireless network to reducing the chance of being had by an online impostor, the articles will increase your awareness of cyber-threats and put you on the path to a more data-secure future.

Visit www.oshawachamber.com for more information and to access the series of articles developed by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. You can also find more information on this and other topics by contacting the Canada Business Ontario’s support team for small business. You can call the Business Info Line (1-888-745-8888) and connect to the appropriate federal or provincial information such as financing details, regulations, services, and more, or visit www.canadabusiness.ca.