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Developing Ontario’s First-Ever Immigration Strategy

Ontario Chamber Report
The Ontario government announced on March 2, 2012 that the province will develop its first-ever immigration strategy to help build a stronger economy.

A new expert roundtable, led by Julia Deans and including Allan O’Dette, President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), will help develop the strategy and examine ways that immigration can best support Ontario’s economic development and help new Ontarians find jobs.

Ontario remains the number one destination for newcomers to Canada yet it is the only province currently without an immigration agreement with the federal government. The new provincial immigration strategy will help to inform and shape discussions with the federal government towards an agreement.

The OCC is pleased to have the opportunity to represent Ontario’s business community at this roundtable.

“The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is perfectly positioned to provide policy advice on the intersection of immigration and the Ontario economy,” said O’Dette. “We look forward to providing input on how to maximize the economic benefits of immigration to Ontario and improve the social and economic integration of newcomers by helping them find jobs.”


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