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Energy Issues Addressed By Durham Region Groups

In late November, representatives from Durham Region groups, including Durham College, UOIT, Durham Strategic Energy Alliance, Organization of CANDU Industries, Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, and the Durham Economic Prosperity Conference met with representatives of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to discuss Canada’s energy future.

The meeting, organized by the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, and also attended by representatives of Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, was the first in a series of meetings to be held across Canada, by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) in conjunction with the CCC’s policy paper entitled “Powering up Canadian Prosperity—Realizing the energy sector’s potential and ensuring continued access to a stable, secure, clean and flexible supply of affordable energy—A call by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce for a Canadian Sustainable Energy Strategy”.

[Click here for a full copy of the report, Powering up Canadian Prosperity]
[Click here for the Executive Summary of the report, Powering up Canadian Prosperity]

The meeting included a overview of the CCC’s policy paper and a wide ranging discussion of energy issues by representatives from the various Durham Region Groups, including the important requirement to develop energy from all available sources including nuclear, hydro, and alternative energy sources (such as wind, solar, waste-to-energy and others) as well as traditional fossil fuels.

The Durham Region Groups stressed the economic spin-offs for Durham Region from the creation of a sustainable energy sector, including thousands of jobs, and the creation of advanced manufacturing technologies that can create products for export throughout the world. An area that, in the view of The Durham Region Groups, required immediate attention was the current status of the Canadian nuclear industry. It was pointed out in the meeting that this industry has the potential, with its leading edge technology, experience and infrastructure, to become a dominant player in the nuclear energy renaissance that is taking place throughout the world. Concern was expressed at the meeting this industry was at risk from delays in decision making by the Ontario and Federal governments. Future meetings will be held with the CCC including public presentations to all interest parties in Durham Region in the next few months.