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EPD Music Services

Have you ever been to an event and can’t hear what the speaker is saying then watched as they turned it up only to get terrible feedback?

Ted Davidson has and it drives him crazy. Why? because he’s a live sound technician and he could easily fix it. This is a regular occurrence and there’s no need for it.

Ted has spent years learning which frequencies are which and how to stop feedback. He also knows which equipment is best for which situation.

Ted has been a musician / sound tech in the Durham region for 30 years and in 2008 he started EPD Music Services. EPD already does a large number of the biggest shows in our area and their client list includes City of Oshawa, Oshawa BIA, both Oshawa and both Whitby Rotary clubs.

Since 2008 EPD has expanded from one sound system to four and there are 3 qualified technicians and one DJ doing events under their banner. They can provide sound for your event whether you need 1 microphone and a couple of speakers or a sound system big enough to fill Lakeview Park with qualified technicians to make sure it sounds clear with little or no feedback.

EPD will always show up on time, behave professionally, dress appropriately for your event and most importantly make your show run smoothly and efficiently all at surprisingly affordable prices.

Why struggle to do it yourself?