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Farmtech To Invest $100 Million Annually In Oshawa Economy

Farmtech To Invest $100 Million Annually In Oshawa Economy

Oshawa is about to become the latest community to realize the economic and environmental benefits of a state-of-the-art ethanol facility. This fall, FarmTech Energy Corporation will begin building a $200 million ethanol facility in Oshawa’s industrial portlands. Photo: The proposed site of the ethanol facility is in Oshawa’s Industrial Portlands. The plant will be set back from the port, behind Gifford Hill. The height of the hill, adjacent buildings, and landscaping including trees and berms will screen much of the plant from view. This site is considered an ideal location. It’s close to major transportation routes including Highway 401, and the working port. The ability to ship corn and distiller grains by water is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Marine traffic through the Port of Oshawa keeps more than 12,000 trucks off our roads. Currently ten companies use the Port of Oshawa, which has been designated by the Federal Government as a working port.

Investing in Oshawa
“It’s exciting to see this project, and investment in our community move forward,” said Dan O’Connor, President of FarmTech Energy Corporation. “This modern facility will bring tremendous economic benefits to Oshawa, including 300 construction jobs, 50 well paying full time jobs, and hundreds of industry related jobs in farming, shipping and port operations.”

The new ethanol facility will inject more than $100 million annually into the Oshawa and Durham Region economy through corn purchases, job creation, increased port activity, and local taxes.

“It’s rare during these tough economic times to see companies make the kind of financial commitment that FarmTech is making in the community and region,” said John Carrick, Chair of the Oshawa Porter Users Group. “On behalf of the Port Users, I would like to welcome FarmTech to the Port of Oshawa.”

Jason Myers, President & CEO, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, says FarmTech will be a major economic driver in Oshawa and Durham Region. “With an increasingly expensive and uncertain energy future, Farmtech’s $100 million annual contribution to the economy will provide jobs for years to come, helping the economy grow, and showcasing Canada as a leader in renewable energy on the world stage.”

Utilizing Oshawa’s Port
The modern ethanol facility will be built in Oshawa’s industrial portlands, next to an asphalt plant, and not far from a sewage treatment plant and 8 other industries. The location is the most practical, efficient, and environmentally friendly, allowing corn and distiller grains to be transported by ship. Utilizing Oshawa’s industrial port for moving agricultural products benefits local and regional farmers. It will also help to keep 12,000 trucks off our roads, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Members of the regional farming community also welcome FarmTech to the Port. “We are delighted that FarmTech is moving forward with plans to build an ethanol facility,” said Barry Senft, CEO, Grain Farmers of Ontario. “This is great news for regional farmers. Creating a local market for their corn reduces transportation costs and helps farmers stay competitive. This is a real opportunity for our farmers.”

The Benefits of Clean Green Technology in Oshawa
FarmTech’s modern ethanol facility will be as clean and green as the ethanol it produces. Ethanol is a drinkable alcohol, and active ingredient in beer, wine and spirits. It is also biodegradable and does not harm the environment. FarmTech’s ethanol facility meets requirements under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Producing 210 million litres in Oshawa annually, will help the federal and Ontario governments meet their mandate of 5 percent ethanol in all gasoline. The GTA, including Durham Region, represents the largest market for ethanol in Canada.