GM Canada Remains Optimistic About The Future Of Operations In Oshawa

July 31, 2015 – GM Canada says Oshawa has a lot to be positive and optimistic about. Speaking to business leaders in Oshawa yesterday, Vice President of Corporate Affairs David Paterson said with the future of the Oshawa assembly plant in limbo until 2016, GM needs to stay competitive, and in the Oshawa plant, they have some advantages they can optimize. “We have a virtually new paint shop,

we have a really sophisticated, flexible manufacturing line… and it’s not lost on us that the best quality awards, productivity awards in the industry tend to be, year after year, won in Oshawa. We have a time frame like any business that would be looking at investments.” Paterson says they have another year or so before any decision will be made, adding they continue to study key criteria to determine new assembly investments, like the plant itself, the local workforce, suppliers and government policy. Click HERE to read full report.