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H1N1 Flu Reinforces Need for Pandemic Plans

H1N1 Flu Reinforces Need for Pandemic Plans

Pandemic Planning Tool Kit CoverThe Ontario Chamber of Commerce is reminding businesses throughout Ontario to be vigilant in protecting their operations and employees from possible effects of a global flu pandemic, by issuing an updated Pandemic Planning Tool Kit.

Businesses should start planning how to maintain critical operations, manage supply disruptions and handle employees who need to stay home and take care of themselves or sick family members during a widespread emergency like a flu pandemic. A national survey demonstrates that half of all companies surveyed have no pandemic plan.

 “We’ve been caught unawares in the past and the impact on the economy has been significant,” explains Len Crispino, President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.  “We urge all businesses to carefully plan so that they may cope during widespread emergencies which may involve such things as staff absences, energy supply disruptions and trade interruptions.”

Fortunately, most catastrophes can be managed with advance, effective preparation and that means having a well-thought out action plan with specific, appropriate policies, resources and contingencies.

The updated tool kit includes the following: estimates of potential staff absences; legislative requirements governing staff absences during an emergency and subsequent return to work; list of possible effects to services and business operations; prevention techniques to limit the spread of disease; business continuity checklist and additional resources.