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Hard Drives in Short Supply Globally

Submitted by Robert Spruce, Computer Troubleshooters Oshawa
Waters broke through and flooded Navanakorn Industrial complex in mid-October following recent floods in Thailand. Navanakorn is home to hard disk drive manufacturers such as Western Digital and Toshiba. Major global players in the industry have had hard drive manufacturing operations in Thailand for decades.

It may seem a long way away, but the floods in Thailand that are causing many millions of people there great distress, are about to impact the global electronics business very hard. In particular, the hard drive manufacturing companies. The Western Digital factory near the Don Muang airport in Bangkok has been closed due to severe flooding; this factory produces 60% of the world’s hard drives.

Already, prices have jumped $20-40 per unit depending on the size of the drive, but the shortage is likely to last until at least January 2012, so it’s expected that prices will go higher during this time.

What can you do? Well, look after your existing drives, make sure you have good, up to date, Anti Virus software. Make sure you defragment your drives regularly. And don’t drop or knock them, especially laptops. Also, you must have backups!

Replacing a hard drive can not only be expensive, but a painful process if you don’t have backups of your data. Do not trust USB thumb-drives! They can fail and very suddenly die. A portable drive and some sort of “cloud” based backup is a really good option.

If you are not sure about your backup status or want help setting one up, contact Computer Troubleshooters Oshawa at 905 493 1284.