Ice Storm Update

The City of Oshawa suffered significant losses of trees due to the ice storm and branches and trees continue to fall as a result of the ice accumulation. The City’s network of recreational trails is closed until further notice due to ice covered paths and fallen trees.

Residents are reminded to exercise extreme caution around all trees and to avoid trees with broken branches / hanging limbs and power lines as a hanging power line could be charged (live) and you would run the risk of electrocution.

Residents are not to clear trees from roads, sidewalks, boulevards and power lines. To report fallen trees on power lines, contact the OPUC at 905-723-4623 or For fallen City boulevard and park trees, contact Service Oshawa at 905-436-3311 or Fallen trees on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner, unless they are impacting a power line.


City forestry crews, Oshawa PUC hydro crews and contractors are actively working to continue to clear fallen trees and limbs and are attending to high priorities first, including those that will assist in the restoration of power or pose immediate risks to public safety.


Oshawa PUC hydro crews continue to work diligently with the goal of having power restored progressively to its customers by the end of the day today, subject to no significant weather changes and/or additional falling tree branches/ limbs onto hydro lines.


Operations to clear branches and trees from roads will continue in the coming days. A significant amount of brush will be accumulated on boulevards and will eventually be chipped as part of clean-up operations. Clean-up efforts will take some time and the City appreciates your patience.