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Joint Review Panel Releases Recommendation On OPG’s Darlington New Nuclear Project

OPG has received the Joint Review Panel’s report on the Darlington New Nuclear Project Environmental Assessment and Licence to Prepare Site application. OPG is pleased the Panel has arrived at the same conclusion as OPG, that the project is not expected to result in any significant adverse environmental effects, given mitigation.
OPG is proud of the extensive work and thorough studies undertaken since 2006. It reflects the work of many OPG staff, plus key stakeholders in the community. OPG appreciates the ongoing support and participation in the Joint Review Panel hearings by many of its community, business and industry partners.

This is a major milestone—a first in Canadian nuclear history. It also puts OPG a step closer to moving forward with the Darlington New Nuclear Project.

The proposed Darlington New Nuclear Project involves the construction and operation of new nuclear power reactors and associated facilities, at OPG’s existing Darlington Nuclear site in the Municipality of Clarington. The project will provide up to 60 years of base load electricity for the people of Ontario. It will be one of the largest capital infrastructure projects in Canada, creating significant benefits for many years, including employment, business and supplier opportunities and increased municipal revenues.

OPG will now undertake a thorough review of the Panel’s report and work with its partners on any mitigations required. For more information, visit www.opg