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Meet Your Match: Candidate Manager System

By Heather M. O’Connor
Good help is hard to find. Searching for a promising apprentice or qualified journeyperson just got much easier. Tradeability.ca offers a Candidate Manager System (CMS) that supplies employers with a shortlist of qualified candidates, pre-screened to meet their specifications. The CMS matches up mutually compatible profiles. It operates a little like a computer dating service. Candidates with skills to offer enter their resumes into a computer database. Employers post their training or job opportunities or ask Tradeability.ca to do so on their behalf.

How it works
The CMS sifts through the pool of candidates for resumes that meet the criteria and generates a list of names. Tradeability.ca refines the shortlist by double-checking that the candidates are qualified, available and interested, and that their resumes are up-to-date. Tradeability.ca then hands over a manageable number of prime prospects to the employer.

What’s in it for me?
When Jason Bowen, owner of Trim Tech Interiors & Glass had an opening, he contacted Tradeability.ca Project Officer Sandy Smiles. He filled out a detailed job posting, Smiles ran the profile through the CMS system and five resumes and two job interviews later, Bowen had his man. “It was an easy find for us,” states Bowen. “She basically led that person straight to our door and the employee is still with us two-and-a-half years later.”

Tradeability.ca’s free service saved Bowen the price of advertising and interviewing. His new, experienced employee required substantially less training. And because the newcomer worked out, Bowen hasn’t dealt with turnover costs. “It’s all about finding the right fit”, he says.

Tradeability.ca provides a single point of access and referral for information on careers in skilled trades. Tradeability.ca is committed to promoting the skilled trades as an exceptional and rewarding career. By acting as the conduit between jobseeker and employer, Tradeability.ca strives to meet current and future market demand for skilled tradespeople in Durham Region. For more information contact Sandy Smiles, Tradeability Project Officer by e-mail at sandy@tradeability.ca or call 905-666-3620 or toll free 1-800-483-4845.