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Minister Raitt’s Commitment To Expedite Ontario’s Nuclear Decision Welcomed By OCI

Time is of the essence as Canada’s leadership in the world’s nuclear industry is at stake. The Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI) welcomes comments made by Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt committing to work with the Ontario government to make a timely decision on Canada’s nuclear future.  In a speech at the Economic Club of Canada, Raitt declared “…it’s time we work together, for Canadians and Ontarians, to build a stronger future for our nuclear industry but time is of the essence.”


“The uncertainty surrounding Ontario’s bid for new nuclear is threatening the viability of a home-grown industry that could be the envy of the world,” said OCI President Dr. Neil Alexander. “I am pleased that Minister Raitt recognizes the urgency with which these decisions need to be made and the shared objectives and interests of all Canadians to grow this country’s nuclear industry.”

There are more than 30,000 people employed by Canada’s nuclear industry providing the goods and services for Canadian-made CANDU nuclear reactors.  Canada stands to gain billions of dollars in GDP and thousands of jobs if it can take advantage of the more than 200 nuclear reactors estimated to be built around the world in the next 20 years.  Infrastructure Ontario suspended the RFP process for new nuclear power on June 29 of this year denying Canada the showcase project needed to sell its technology to the rest of the world.

“Canada is facing a critical window of opportunity to create manufacturing and knowledge-economy jobs within nuclear,” said Dr. Alexander.  “The decisions made this year by the Ontario and federal governments will define the future of Canada’s nuclear industry.  It’s crucial both levels of government work together for the benefit of the country.”

About the Organization of CANDU Industries
The Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI) represents more than 150 Canadian companies supplying goods & services for CANDU reactors in domestic & export markets. OCI companies provide engineering services & manufactured components for the CANDU industry and although it functions separately from design authorities & utilities, OCI members participate in design, manufacture, construction & commissioning of CANDU plants here at home and abroad.

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