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OCC And Chamber Network Poised To Help Ontario Emerge Stronger

Ontario Chamber Report: The Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s long-term economic vision for the province, Emerging Stronger: A Transformative Agenda for Ontario, was adopted by the Chamber Network at the 100th Annual General Meeting as ‘its collective ambition’. The goal now is for communities across Ontario to embrace this long term vision.

The OCC looks to its members, as leaders in their communities, to implement this economic vision and capitalize on opportunities to take regional action on the following five priorities:

  • •    Fostering a culture of innovation in order to become a productivity leader;
  • •    Building a 21st century workforce;
  • •    Restoring fiscal balance;
  • •    Taking advantage of new opportunities in the global economy;
  • •    Identifying, championing and investing in our competitive advantages.

It requires community leaders to understand local issues and identify ways in which they can move these issues forward. To help communities facilitate this dialogue, the Ontario Economic Summit is launching a Regional Economic Leadership Series, which will focus on local action that can be taken to drive these five priorities.

As a provincial body, the OCC is able to promote Emerging Stronger at Queen’s Park and amongst business and civic leaders. And this economic vision for Ontario appears to be supported by key players in the province.

Representatives from all three political parties at the 2012 OCC AGM in St. Catharines referenced Emerging Stronger and applauded the priorities contained within. The document itself was developed out of the comments and ideas of business and civic leaders across the province polled by Leger Marketing as well as leaders who attended the 2011 Ontario Economic Summit.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce and its Network are proud to promote Emerging Stronger as a vision for making Ontario more productive and more globally connected. To learn more about the OCC and what key policy issues are impacting Ontario’s business community visit www.occ.on.ca.