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OCI Welcomes Bill Regarding Restructuring And Reorganization Of AECL

The Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI) welcomes the fact that Senator Hervieux-Payette’s Private Member’s Bill regarding the restructuring and reorganization of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) draws attention to an issue that is of considerable importance to Canada’s ongoing position as an energy superpower.

“With decisions about AECL’s future imminent, it is appropriate that the issue is properly debated to ensure that we do not inadvertently throw the CANDU baby out with the AECL bathwater” says OCI President, Dr. Neil Alexander. “Ongoing government involvement and a requirement to keep the HQ in Canada will give comfort that the CANDU brand will continue and that Canadians will see a return on the investment that they have made in the technology.”

AECL is a Crown Corporation with diversified nuclear power, nuclear medicine and legacy clean-up interests. CANDU is a reactor technology developed by AECL in conjunction with industry partners.

Canada remains one of the few nations with a reactor technology capable of meeting modern demands and will benefit from the renewed growth in the industry, if appropriate measures are taken to facilitate its success.

“We have one chance to get this decision right,” says Dr Alexander, “let us make sure that our next move is well considered and appropriate.”

The Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI) represents more than 160 Canadian companies supplying goods & services for CANDU reactors in domestic & export markets.