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ONe-Source Web Portal Makes It Easier To Do Business In Ontario

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce applauds the Government of Ontario for taking steps to make it faster and easier for new and small businesses to get the services and information they need to start, operate and grow. ONe-Source for Business, the new, online government services to business portal will help businesses customize services and information and retain valuable data from multiple interactions with the government.

“This province was built on, and continues to thrive because of, small and medium-sized businesses. Any service that houses easy to find information in a single location makes a huge difference for new businesses in terms of time and cost-savings, and that’s going to help grow the economy,” said Ontario Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Allan O’Dette.

To date, more than 10,000 businesses have registered for the Province’s ONe-Source for Business service. The online portal provides quick and easy access to over 5,000 services and information from all levels of government, allowing small business owners to focus on creating jobs and competing in the global economy.

ONe-Source addresses many of the common frustrations that businesses encounter when interacting with government:
1.    Easily search across multiple sources of information to get a customized listing of forms, services and programs relevant to your specific business needs—Saving hours of research time each year.
2.    Find, fill in and submit forms electronically eliminating the need to print, fill in tombstone information and mail in forms.
3.    Keep track of relationships and accounts with various government programs—making it easier to know where businesses stand in terms of being in compliance with a variety of programs.

If you run more than one business or manage different business projects, you can also use ONe-Source to create multiple business profiles for each business or project under one account, and store your searches, forms and other information.

Try ONe-Source for business to help make your day-to-day business interactions easier. For more information, visit www.canadabusiness.ca
About the OCC—For 100 years the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has remained a strong advocate for Ontario businesses. As a membership organization, its lobby efforts are informed by local Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade and businesses of every size, in every sector who collectively make the most relevant and influential network in the province—60,000 strong. To learn more about the OCC and what key policy issues are impacting Ontario’s business community visit www.occ.on.ca.