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OPG Submits Documents for Regulatory Approvals

OPG Submits Documents for Regulatory Approvals


Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has submitted the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Integrated Safety Review (ISR) reports to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)—two important regulatory requirements in support of Darlington Refurbishment. The submissions demonstrate positive conclusions in support of refurbishment activities and the continued operation of the Darlington station.

The EIS is comprised of more than 4,500 pages of data contained in sixteen volumes, and represents the culmination of years of detailed studies on and around the Darlington site, including public and community consultation. It concludes refurbishment and continued station operation will not result in any significant adverse environmental effects, given mitigation.

In addition, the ISR report, completed over a three-year period and containing more than 10,000 pages, is a comprehensive assessment of plant design, condition and operation.

The ISR report concluded the existing Darlington station demonstrates a high level of compliance with modern codes and standards. The ISR did not identify any issues that would limit safe long term operation of the station and no gaps were identified that would affect current safe operation.

To ensure the ISR addressed all safety areas, an aggregate assessment was performed by a team of independent nuclear industry experts. The assessment concluded the Darlington station performance is strong, the plant is operating safely and the ISR activities fully meet the requirements the CNSC.

Both submissions will now be extensively reviewed by CNSC staff.

The EIS and technical supporting documents, along with a synopsis of the ISR, are available on the Darlington Refurbishment page of OPG’s website at: www.opg.com/power/nuclear/refurbishment.

In February 2010, OPG announced it would proceed with the planning for the refurbishment of the Darlington Nuclear station. The decision came after the positive outcomes of initial studies on the plant’s condition and continued strong safety and operating performance. Post-refurbishment, the station would operate for an additional 25-30 years, providing safe and reliable electricity generation for Ontario.

About Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment:

OPG’s CANDU reactors are designed to provide decades of safe and reliable electricity generation. Mid-way through the reactor’s life, replacement of some of the key reactor and station components is required to allow for continued operation for approximately 30 additional years. This is called a refurbishment.

OPG is moving forward with plans for the mid-life refurbishment of the Darlington station. Planning for refurbishment is progressing well along two key avenues: the environmental and safety approvals process; and the station condition assessment and infrastructure development process. For more information, visit www.opg.com.