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Organization Of CANDU Industries Applauds Progress With AECL Restructuring

A stronger AECL creates more opportunities for Canadian businesses in the international marketplace. The Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI) applauds the federal government’s progress in the restructuring of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) and the invitation for potential investors to help strengthen Canada‘s nuclear industry. A stronger AECL, positioned to compete internationally, will have a powerful impact on Canada‘s economy and the thousands of workers who make up Canada‘s nuclear supply chain.

CANDU has a leading reputation in the international marketplace as one of the most efficient and reliable reactor technologies available. At a time when countries around the world are turning to nuclear power as a reliable and economical source of electricity, sales of CANDU plants could bring billions of dollars of economic benefits to Canada‘s nuclear industry.

“The member companies of OCI have a stake in AECL’s success, and additional investment in AECL will strengthen CANDU’s competitive position in the international marketplace,” said OCI President Dr. Neil Alexander. “A critical factor in considering potential investors is the need to retain the design capability for CANDU here in Canada. By retaining control of the intellectual property, Canadian companies can maintain our leadership position in the fast-growing nuclear industry.”

With more than 200 reactors planned or on order around the world, the potential economic benefits to Canada are tremendous. Canada’s fully mobilized and efficient supply chain is critical to the success of a large project such as a nuclear plant construction and OCI’s member companies are poised and ready to help deliver the parts and services required for successful projects for AECL and its customers.