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Oshawa Chamber COVID Rapid-Test Program Update

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  • Post published:January 5, 2022
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UPDATED FEBRUARY 2nd, 2022 – We have been resupplied and are now back to booking appointments.  CLICK HERE to book an appointment.
We’re sharing this longer form update because we find ourselves today in the regrettable position of having to temporarily halt the booking of any new pick-up appointments for our COVID rapid-test program.
Since September of 2021, your Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce has now distributed well over 25,000 COVID rapid-antigen test kits.   With the appearance of the Omicron variant, the demand for rapid tests has suddenly spiked to more than 10 times what we had become accustomed to.  As soon as the rise in demand became apparent to us, we ordered an additional 12,000 kits from the Province which were due for delivery before Christmas, but have not arrived as yet and we are now facing a delay in stock until the supply chain can catch up with the demand with no line of sight as to when the new shipment may arrive.
We currently have enough tests to carry us through our existing appointments up to and including January 14th  but due to the supply gap, we are not able to commit to any new appointments for test pickups beyond that until we can be certain that we have the product to fill those appointments.   Please watch this space for news, as we will make an announcement once we receive our order and open up more appointment times.

If you have booked test pickup appointments but are now working from home, or are working in some otherwise lower-risk scenario but have an existing appointment, we ask that you please re-examine your organization’s current need for rapid tests.  There are many essential businesses such as oncology centers, daycares, medical offices and private PSW workers who are in immediate urgent need of tests and cannot get them.  These people are all working with vulnerable populations, and if your organization is in a position to forgo your supply in the short term so we can help these other sectors, your help and contribution would be greatly appreciated.  If you have an existing appointment that you are able to skip for now so we can repurpose your allocation, please advise Isabelle Foley via email at