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PRO Unit Report

by Sgt. Nicole Hamilton
PRO Unit, Central East Division, Durham Regional Police Service

Central East Project Unit, formerly COPR UNIT, is comprised of 8 officers and a sergeant working out of 17 Division in downtown Oshawa. The PRO Unit is tasked with identifying problems in the Central East and working with community partners to reduce calls for service by using a combination of proactive and reactive strategies. The unit uses targeted enforcement strategies and patrols downtown and south Oshawa with high visibility on foot and on bicycle and interacts with community partners to resolve problems/issues. As a problem solving unit, the team is also responsible for neighborhood problem solving. PRO is responsible for: identifying problems and interacting with community partners to resolution; developing a shared responsibility using problem based learning; enhancing community police relations; reducing calls for service using a combination of proactive and reactive initiatives; conducting targeted enforcement strategies in problem solving initiatives; creating high visibility on foot in the downtown and south Oshawa and parking marked vehicles in high visibility areas of downtown.


This unit has been highly successful in the month of January with 70 arrests, 98 criminal charges, 70 tickets and the seizure of one firearm, and over $3600.00 in drugs ranging from marijuana, prescription pills and crack cocaine.