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Regaining Competitiveness

Regaining Competitiveness

ChamberTop10 Canadian Chamber Report

Canadians need to look closely at our own performance. We’ve become complacent, even as our ability to earn our prosperity slides into greater jeopardy. While we’ve been congratulating ourselves for emerging from the recession less damaged than others, we’ve failed to notice that other countries grew through the recession and are growing at three or four times our rate today.

Why should anyone care? When we look around, we see most people have jobs.

The answer is very simple. While we’ve been doing marginally better each year, our competitors are outpacing us. Our share of global trade is shrinking and our ability to compete, even in our own market, is declining. And, when we can’t compete, factories close, people lose their homes and governments can’t afford to provide public services.

Canada is losing its competitive edge in the global economy. But with the right action, it doesn’t have to.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and its members have identified the top 10 barriers to the competitiveness of Canadian business. Over the next year, the Canadian Chamber will identify specific, tangible steps to boost our competitiveness and create the economic environment business needs to succeed. No more buzzwords—just a straightforward approach that connects the barriers to those who can solve them.

And the Canadian Chamber will be paying extra attention to the most pressing barrier identified by its network: resolving Canada’s skills crisis.