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The Election Is Over! It is Now Time for Politicians to Deliver

The Conservatives said that giving them a majority would allow them to complete our economic recovery, create jobs, and provide stability to Canada’s business and families. With that majority, the Conservative government now has the responsibility to deliver for Canadian businesses. ”Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is calling on the government to move forward with a strong pro-growth strategy that will focus on jobs, productivity, strengthening the recovery and international trade”,  stated Chamber President, Perrin Beatty. “It is now time for politicians to get back to Ottawa and deliver for businesses all across the country. We have come far from the depths of the recession, but a lot still has to be done to ensure Canada remains competitive”.

Throughout the election, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce insisted that it was wrong to think that you had to choose between businesses and families. The Chamber advocated that when Canada’s businesses are healthy, all Canadians benefit.  That is exactly the message which was sent to political parties last night. 

The Chamber is calling on the new government to return to a balanced budget in the medium term and to secure the fiscal flexibility that is crucial to our long-term competitiveness. The Canadian Chamber will continue to advocate for sound economic management. It will also continue to work on important issues such as fixing the Canada-U.S. border, international trade and ensuring Canada has secure and dependable sources to meet its energy needs.