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Virtual Team Builders helps teams that are geographically dispersed work more effectively together—improving engagement, innovation and business results.

A high-performing virtual team means a high-performing company. Whether separated by 90 feet or 9000 miles, their world-class team provides managers with solutions to engage their virtual employees and create truly connected teams. For over thirty years, Virtual Team Builders has helped US, Canadian, and international companies improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of their remote teams. Their team of experts offers customized, holistic solutions that continuously deliver value for their clients over time. 

Virtual Team Builders assesses virtual team performance using its Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment Tool. This tool assesses virtual team’s engagement at both the group and individual levels. Based on the results of the assessment Virtual Team Builders provides its client with a suite of customized solutions that will directly address challenges faced by its virtual team and enable the virtual team to reach its highest potential.

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