Volunteers Wanted…Share Your Talents and Reap the Benefits!

Would you or an associate like a unique opportunity to network, promote your business or enhance a new employee’s people skills. A Chamber Committee gives you that opportunity. Lending a hand for as little as two hours a month is a great way to benefit your business, make lasting contacts or enhance your proficiency as a team player. The Chamber has just the committee to fit your interests or your area of expertise. There are many to choose from… 


The Ambassador Committee is ideal for a member wishing to cultivate new business by welcoming new members to the Chamber. The Events Committee addresses the education and information needs of the membership with an eye towards targeted networking – a great fit for someone wanting to enhance their event planning skills. The Federal/Provincial Municipal Affairs Committee and its task forces is just right for the ‘Policy Wonk’ who likes to monitor and interpret government legislation and make recommendations for action to the Chamber Board of Directors on issues that could impact business.


The Chamber’s EnGen Committee, being launched in September, is new this fall is with a long-term goal of creating opportunities and advantages for the community’s up and coming young business leaders.


“The EnGen Committee is designed to engage the young business person (who is in the first ten years of their careers) in Chamber events and relevant activities that will further their careers through networking with others,” said Bob Malcolmson, CEO & General Manager. “Our goal is to get our future business leaders connected to their peers and to the local business community.”


Over the summer the Chamber’s informal Under 40 group was re-organized into a formal committee. With input from several young business leaders and two years of under 40 events to build on it was agreed an incremental shift should be undertaken, without stifling the enthusiasm of the group. The committee will build on the interests of the under 40’s looking at what has been successful in getting young people out to the events with an eye to workshops and mentoring that will offer tangible benefits for the Chamber and the local economy.


Research indicates that the “ideal” committee should, in most situations, be seven people. To ensure that each committee is represented by a cross-section of the membership all appointments are based on areas of expertise required for the committee, interest of the applicant and business affiliation and is limited to one representative per member firm per committee. If you have interests in more than one committee clearly mark your preference of committee choice as one, two or three on the application form.


If you are interested in being involved in the committee simply click here for more information and the application form!