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Youth Internship Program Available to SMEs

Consider the Youth Internship Program to assist your company to expand or be more competitive domestically and/or internationally. Graduate Internship Council (GIC) has Canadian university and college graduates who can work with you for a 4 month internship. GIC handles all administration and government reporting and you are NOT obligated to hire at the end of the 4 months. Hiring freeze? No problem, the GIC can keep the Intern on its payroll if you wish to keep them longer.

Interns save you time and dollars; both short term and long term and are loyal if you chose to hire them. The Internship Program extends the probationary period so you can truly see if the Intern you choose fits within your organization and existing team.

Do you need a graduate with a degree in: Marketing; International Marketing; Business Admin; Robotics; Commerce; Accounting; Computer Science; Science; Engineering; MBA; Supply Chain Management; Information Technology or any other College or University degree?

The process is simple, you chose the degree and skills required! The GIC searches for graduates for you to review, then you select for interviewing. You make the final decision.

Some statistics to consider: 92% are hired permanently. 55% become first or second level managers within three to four years. 90 % are still with the same company four years later and many 10 years later.

The deadline to apply for current programs is Dec 25, 2010. For more information please call or email the Graduate Internship Council, at 1-866-415-8020 or by email to debbie@GraduateInternshipCouncil.org or visit www.GraduateInternshipCouncil.org.