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No, the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-governmental organization. We are a membership-based entity and receive funding primarily through membership dues, events, and sponsorships.

No, the Chamber is not publicly funded. Our operational funding comes from our members, partners, and sponsors who support our mission and activities. We may occasionally receive public grants for specific projects such as tourism initiatives or other project-based work with clearly defined statements of work and outcomes.

The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan organization. We do not endorse or support specific political parties or candidates. Our focus is on advocating for the business community and fostering community prosperity.

We host electoral debates to provide our community with the opportunity to hear directly from candidates on issues that matter to businesses. These events aim to inform voters, promote civic engagement, and facilitate an open dialogue between candidates and the business community.

A Chamber of Commerce is a business association that promotes the interests of local businesses and the community. It provides networking opportunities, business advocacy, and resources to support economic development and build community prosperity.

Getting involved is easy! You can attend our events, join committees, or become a member. Visit our Events Calendar, Become a Member, or our Committees pages for more information on opportunities to engage with the Chamber.

To become a member, visit our Become a Member page on the website. You can find details on the benefits of membership, membership levels, and an application form. Once your application is completed, it will be reviewed at the next board of directors meeting and you will then quickly hear back from our Director of Member Success to get you started on your journey with the Chamber.

Advocacy involves representing the interests of our members at various levels of government. We work to influence policies that impact or enable the business community positively.

“Connect” refers to our efforts to foster connections and relationships within the business community. We facilitate networking opportunities, events, and forums for businesses to collaborate.

“Inform” signifies our commitment to providing relevant and timely information to our members. This includes updates on local business news, legislative changes, and industry trends. Businesspeople are inundated with information each day – the Chamber works to provide a relevance filter to help our members get access to the information that most impacts their success.

We aim to accommodate diverse schedules and ensure maximum participation from both candidates and the community. Hosting debates at various times increases accessibility for a broader audience. The times at which we host debates are informed by what is most convenient for our members.

The Chamber is funded through membership dues, event revenue, sponsorships, and partnerships with businesses that support our mission.

Yes, we collaborate with various organizations, including government agencies, non-profits, and other chambers, to address common goals and enhance the overall business environment.

No, we are a separate entity from a Business Improvement Area (BIA). While we share common goals of supporting local businesses, our structures and functions differ.

No, the Chamber does not endorse or recommend specific candidates. We encourage voters to research candidates and make informed decisions based on their individual values and priorities and we work hard to help our members make the most informed decisions possible during each election cycle.

While we cannot provide direct assistance, we can offer guidance and connect you with relevant resources. We advocate for a business-friendly environment and may be able to direct you to appropriate channels, help you reach the right person faster, or advocate on your behalf.

No, many of our events are open to both members and non-members. However, members often enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts on event participation. Check event details for specific information on attendance requirements.