Elevating our members toward success, our informed advocacy work guides the way towards growth, prosperity, and innovation.

Advocating For You

No need to go it alone — our members are part of a unified voice for the Oshawa-area business community that cannot be ignored.
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Since 1928, The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce (GOCC) has always been an advocacy group that represents its business members. The Chamber actively works to advance existing business and attract new economic opportunities. Chamber priorities are driven by you – our members and the community at large.

We’re Not The Government

The GOCC acts as a unified voice for businesses of all sizes and interests. Active locally, provincially and federally, the Chamber is not government funded, making it the only truly independent business advocacy organization in the Greater Oshawa area. This absence of government funding allows the Chamber to advocate solely on the behalf of members and is not subject to influence or opinion.

We also channel our provincial and federal-level work through the highly-respected and impactful advocacy efforts of the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce to monitor pending and current legislation, regulation and policy, act on behalf of business to ensure the development and promotion of activities that ensure Oshawa and Durham’s business community continued growth and prosperity.

How the Oshawa Chamber’s Advocacy Works

Issues are identified by Chamber members and member organizations, further research is done by committees, other volunteers and Chamber staff, approved by the Board, and then presented in the form of a clear, actionable policy resolution proposal to the municipal, regional, provincial, or federal government.

The issues must meet the following criteria:

*can be impacted by the actions and initiatives of the Chamber and its partners.

If you are a member and there is an issue or concern that’s impacting your business, feel free to let us know. Contact us by filling out the form below or call us at 905-728-1683.

Oshawa Chamber Policy & Advocacy Committee

In service of your business success.

Through a well-honed committee structure, the Chamber develops economic, political, and social policies that affect the economic environment and quality of life in the Greater Oshawa area. The committee interacts with multiple levels of government; collaborates with local institutions; participates in regional events and discussions; and acts as your voice on issues that affect you and your business.

The committee is called the Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC). It is made up of representatives from our City, the Region, all major educational institutions, a variety of financial institutions, and of course – our members! The committee meets third Friday of the month to discuss ongoing issues, develop new ideas, make recommendations to the Board of Directors, and prepare positions that will best support and promote our members and their voices. The committee continues to be a strong “Voice of Business” on behalf of all members and ensures there is a climate for growth of existing businesses as well as new business.

To learn more or to join the PAC, head to our Committees page.

If you have an interest or if you have any questions about the committees, feel free to reach out using this form.

The Chamber needs YOU!