Mikala Telecom & Network Solutions

Founded in 1996, Mikala Telecom & Network Solutions is an Oshawa-based telecom/datacom wholesaler that provides small- and medium-sized businesses with affordable, one-stop shopping for their computer networking and telephone system needs.

This includes building and implementing simple or complex computer and voice networks with structured cabling. These networks are designed to connect multiple locations together and supported by Mikala’s knowledge in system design and installation.

Mikala also offers expertise in the selection, operation and maintenance of the hardware products necessary for the successful operation of networks such as technical specification identification and the extension of an organization’s converged storage networking capabilities.

Committed to achieving a fully optimized professional network, including providing safe and secure mobile network access from any location, Mikala’s team of industry experts is also skilled in network security and threat assessment. This includes identifying and mitigating the risks associated with on-line intruders and/or unauthorized network access from an office, home or mobile device.

In addition to its computer network expertise, Mikala specializes in the development of phone systems tailored to client needs, offering desk/mobile phones, email, voicemail, and audio, video and web conferencing as well as the option for clients to tether their cell or alternative phone to their work extension to facilitate a constant connection, even when working off site.

To learn more about how Mikala can support your business needs, including its commitment to zero client down time and 24 Hour Emergency Service, visit www.mikala.com, call 905.839.2425 or email [email protected].

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