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Pinchin Ltd.

Pinchin Ltd. is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that has been committed to Environmental Health and Safety for nearly 40 years. Our qualified professionals deliver exemplary service based on customized and affordable solutions for a wide variety of environmental and construction-related

From Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland, Pinchin is staffed by a team of over 900 skilled and experienced professional engineers, scientists, industrial hygienists, geologists, technologists, project managers, and support staff in offices across Canada.

We provide timely and effective solutions within a reasonable budget that are specific to your current situation. Our services include Building Science and Sustainability, Emissions Reduction and Compliance, Environmental Due Diligence and Remediation, Environmental Science, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management, Hazardous Building Materials, Mechanical Engineering and Design, Indoor Environmental Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, and training in all aspects of these fields.

As part of our full suite of environmental consulting and health and safety services, Pinchin provides reliable and confidential lab results on a fee-for service basis, whether at one of our internationally accredited facilities or in the field. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility in Mississauga provides accurate results for asbestos, mould, Legionella, bacteria, and environmental odour analysis. All our facilities and methodologies follow internationally recognized standards to provide defensible results.

Our experts are adaptable to our client’s needs in a constantly changing world, which is why we are known for our professionalism, honesty, quality, and technical superiority. We stand out from our competition by journeying beyond the obvious: we provide more than just ‘testing’ or ‘assessments,’ we provide advice, insight, and cost-effective solutions. We strive to know and understand our clients’ business and to distinguish “needs” vs. “wants”. We strive for excellence in all our business dealings and welcome feedback from our clients in support of our continuous improvement.

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