Sharmilli Thangaraj is a finance professional with a Hon. Business Finance degree and CPA. She was raised up in Durham. She is very hard working, have great business skills and strong work ethics. She values integrity, and strong commitment to excellence.

ShiloFinancial is a boutique accounting firm that proudly offers professional accounting, business including property management services in Toronto, Ontario. We offer quality guidance to each and every one of our clients. You will benefit from a continuing relationship with our team who will be available to you when you need us. We enjoy working with innovative businesses that value success, hard work and personalized customer service.

The firm provides efficient year round services, guidance, business consulting and all accounting services along with creating a long term relationship with our clients. We are equally passionate about providing you with the necessary tools and resources to fuel the advancement of your company.

How did Shilo Financial come about?

I have been in the corporate last 18 years with many different organization and built my carrier in financial industry. It was time that i wanted to build something for my own. I managed our family business and enjoy being a business owner. So decided to start my own firm and i named the firm after my son’s name. Which Shilo means gift of god.

What has been the best piece of business advice you have been given?

My goal is to work with our clients with their vision. Build strategy, planning, problem solving and help our clients develop business skills and knowledge. These range from designing the business, business plans, appraisal/valuation, advisory..

What is something you can not live without?

My Family!

What is on your must-read list?

Success Magazine! Its a must read list for me. As a business owner, we do have difficult times. I find reading other success stories and advice and tips helps me keep my energy and strength high all times.

Advice for women entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business?

Believe in yourself! Value your time! and Act with integrity! as people want to do business with good people

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