Membership Spotlight

Sixth Workshop

A strong brand is a critical asset to any business.

It not only helps a consumer to choose from the bewildering array of choices available today, it also encourages your customers to identify with your companies’ brand, allowing a company to boost sales, margins and growth.

If you are looking for help branding your company, Sixth Workshop can make the process effortless. Creative Director and Founder, Vanessa Sosiak, and her team can help build your brand by implementing brand strategies to tell your story, increase awareness, recognition and build consumer loyalty.

As their name implies, they have a sixth sense when it comes to their clients and they zero in on your needs quickly and incisively. Their workshop is a place where they think outside the box and craft engaging branding visuals to help a business stand out in a fast-paced world exposed to hundreds of messages daily.

What makes Sixth Workshop different from other branding agencies is that they are unique in their approach. They stay on top of branding design trends and understand the ins and outs of how to effectively communicate a business visually.

Their broad expertise includes: Corporate identity, logo, website development, business cards, print and digital advertising, packaging, signage, menus, social media, marketing collateral, brochures, presentations, annual reports, brand strategies, brand launch and more.

Sixth Workshop builds brands, they are movers and shakers, image gurus and design experts. Contact them today to create an effective branding package for your company.


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