OPG Awards Turbine Contract Darlington Refurbishment Project

Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) continues to move forward with the refurbishment of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. OPG has awarded an equipment supply and technical services contract to Alstom Power & Transport Canada Inc. to refurbish the four turbine generator sets at Darlington Nuclear. The contract, valued at approximately $350 million, is one of several that will be awarded for the refurbishment of the station. 

“This is an important part of our refurbishment project,” said Dietmar Reiner, Senior Vice President, Nuclear Refurbishment. “We conducted thorough reviews of the major turbine and generator components, and determined that they are in good shape, with no life limiting issues. However, other factors that might affect their life need to be addressed through refurbishment. The work and upgrades associated with this contract will allow the equipment to run for another 30 years.”
OPG also recently contracted with Burns and MacDonnell-Canada, of Calgary, Alberta, to provide independent oversight of the Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment Project. “An independent, external oversight organization will ensure that the Nuclear Refurbishment Project, including our contract partners, is accountable for our commitments,” remarked Wayne Robbins, OPG’s Chief Nuclear Officer. “Burns and MacDonnell will have access to project information, and provide independent assessments of the project to the Nuclear Oversight Committee of OPG’s Board of Directors.”

Darlington refurbishment is part of Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan. Nuclear energy is an important component of the province’s power supply, accounting for roughly half of its baseload power, and it is one of the cleanest and cheapest forms of baseload energy available. The nuclear sector has contributed a great deal to Ontario’s economy over the last 40 years, and modernizing the nuclear fleet is an important part of rebuilding the province’s energy infrastructure.

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