A Look Ahead At The Global Economy In 2015

January 16, 2015 – A panel of experts at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Crystal Ball Symposium held in December 2014 looked at the big economic, political and technological trends that will shape global business in 2015. Big changes are coming to the global economy. Canada performed well last year, but there are vulnerabilities just over the horizon, from highly indebted consumers to worries about our housing market and now weaker oil prices. But, there are also big opportunities as the U.S. economy is accelerating into a booming recovery while the weak loonie is boosting our exports. Around the world, emerging markets, which used to be the engines of global growth, have slowed. The big question for 2015 is whether the U.S. economic resurgence can pull other markets along with it, like a huge locomotive dragging the global economy forward. The second big question for 2015: Is Canada ready?

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