Extremely dry conditions prompt fire burn ban

Community members are advised that Oshawa Fire Services is implementing a fire ban for burn permits. All open air burning permits are suspended until further notice and are prohibited under City of Oshawa By-law #73-2012.

The ban is effective immediately and no permits will be issued during this time. Those not complying with the ban may be subjected to fines as identified in By-law #73-2012.

By-law #73-2012

Residents are reminded that according to the City’s open air burning by-law (#73-2012), they are only able to set an open air burning fire with a burn permit.

Open air fire means any fire situated outside, whether burned in a container or on the ground, not including a barbecue or approved ULC device.

ULC Approved Devices

Propane/natural gas fueled appliances such as propane/natural gas barbecues, propane/natural gas fire pits, and propane/natural gas fire bowls are allowed provided that they are ULC/CSA/Warnock-Hersey approved and are used in accordance with instructions provided and subscribed clearances are adhered to. Charcoal fueled barbecues are also permitted.

Not Permitted

Campfires, incinerators, burn drums and construction site fire are examples of open air burning which is not permitted, as well as fire pits, fire bowls, chimeneas or outdoor wood fireplaces.

Residents are reminded that burning solid fuel outdoors, including wood, is never allowed without a permit. This includes the use of outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and chimeneas.

How you can help:

  • Be vigilant when discarding cigarette butts and matches while outdoors
  • Ensure that matches and lighters are kept or locked in areas not accessible to children and youth
  • Remind children and youth of the dangers of playing with and lighting fires
  • Be aware of your surroundings when outdoors in open fields and wooded areas
  • Report illegal open air burning by calling the Oshawa Fire Services Dispatch non-emergency line at 905-433-1234 or to report an emergency, call 9-1-1.

For more information on Fire Prevention and Fire Safety visit www.oshawa.ca/fire and follow “OshawaCity” on Facebook and @OshawaFire on Twitter.

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