Provincial Debate 2022 Candidate Questions

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UPDATED May 24th to include video embed.

Two days ago the Chamber hosted our Provincial Candidates’ Debate at the Biltmore Theatre in downtown Oshawa.

Many, many people asked for copies of the questions in advance of the debate but we kept them under wraps until they were first asked live on the stage at the Biltmore.  Our broadcast partner for this debate, Rogers TV Durham, will be broadcasting the recording of the debate this coming Sunday, May 22nd at 3:00 PM.  If you miss the broadcast or are not a subscriber, we have framed in the video at the bottom of this article now that the video is published on YouTube.

Our thanks to everyone who helped to bring this event together and make it available for you all: the Durham Region Association of Realtors, the Durham Region Homebuilders’ Association, the incredible team at the Biltmore Theatre, and of course all our Chamber and community members who came out and attended the event in person.  Finally, no matter the outcome of the forthcoming election, our thanks to our debate candidates and, indeed, to all candidates who are running for MPP.

2022 Provincial Debate Questions:

Question 1  

The Movement of Goods, Services, and People is a critical aspect of running a competitive business.  What is your commitment to improving transportation both within Ontario, as well as cross-border to our neighboring provinces, and into the USA (including Rail, Airports, Maritime and Highways) and how will you ensure Oshawa business interests are well represented?

Question 2 

How will you enable SMBs growth and attract diverse, large tech and innovation firms to continue to improve the employer profile of Oshawa and the Durham Region?

Question 3 

How will you make Provincially and Federally controlled land more accessible and available for business development in Oshawa? {Question 6 is specifically about housing.  This question is about business development}

Question 4

The hospitality, tourism and culture industries have taken a huge hit as a result of the pandemic – what measures are you prepared to take to grow tourism in Oshawa and the Region?  

Question 5

Given that we have 3 post-secondary institutions in Oshawa, one could argue that there is no reason to have a significant worker shortage in Oshawa and the Durham Region.  What is your plan to promote, train and retain workers in Oshawa, especially in the skilled trades?


The workforce is being priced out of the real estate market.  This directly impacts our business community as hardworking people of every age move elsewhere in search of housing. There is also a lack of supply of affordable homes, especially in the GTA.  What is your plan to respond to the housing affordability issue for Oshawa workers?

Question 7

Ontario is experiencing increases in unsheltered individuals and deadly opioid addictions.  In Oshawa, this is impacting the local downtown business district.   It has been reported that the Region has spent 25 million dollars, and there are 43 support agencies in downtown Oshawa to solve these social issues.   How would you work with all stakeholders to solve these social issues impacting local businesses? 

Question 8

Oshawa has three post-secondary institutions; we have the Spark Center; we have private sector investments in Tech, for example, the ACE center at Ontario Tech and the CTC McLaughlin Advanced Technology Track at General Motors. What are your plans to grow and advance Oshawa’s tech and innovation sectors to highlight Oshawa’s strength in the GTA Tech corridor?    

Question 9

How do you see Oshawa (and Ontario more broadly) contributing to the transition to zero-emissions transportation?

Question 10

Despite the supports that we have in place presently (UHN, Nursing Programs in our colleges and universities, Lakeridge Health, and the Oshawa Clinic) ensuring capacity for healthcare is a business priority. To prevent business shutdowns in the future, the business community needs to hear how your government will ensure capacity in healthcare including a stabilized and growing healthcare workforce.  

Question 11

Are you in support of one level of local government, merging the Regional and Municipal governments and why?

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