Public Sector Problems, Private Sector Solutions

Partnering with the private sector to deliver more public services could potentially save Ontario billions of dollars, according to a new report on alternative service delivery from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Certified General Accountants of Ontario.

The report, “Public Sector Problems, Private Sector Solutions”, makes the case that many of the services Ontarians rely on can be delivered better and more affordably by businesses and not-for-profits, including in areas of health care and education.

Unlike other models of public sector transformation, alternative service delivery gives governments the flexibility to transfer the responsibility for service delivery to an outside agent, while retaining the ability to set overall policy direction, protect the public interest and maintain quality.

The report comes at time when all eyes are turning to Ontario’s 2013 budget and the $12 billion dollar provincial deficit and highlights nine steps to successful alternative service delivery in Ontario. Find out more. To download “Public Sector Problems, Private Sector Solutions: Transforming Government in Ontario”, visit

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