Two Projects Announced by CME – Green SMART Fund & Energy Mgmt Strategies

February 22, 2016 – Submitted by Brad Fougere, National Communications Specialist, CME. Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, in partnership with the government of Ontario, have announced two initiatives aimed at supporting small- and medium-sized manufacturers: A $25 million green SMART fund and a study to determine the best practices around SME energy management strategies.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters will add to the legacy of the CME SMART funding program this fall with a new $25 million Green SMART fund for small- and medium-sized manufacturers, in partnership with the Ontariogovernment. Since 2008, CME SMART has administered approximately $70 million in direct funding to more than 1,200 manufacturing companies across Ontario. The new SMART funding was announced on February 17th.

The SMART green funding program will provide assistance to Ontario’s small- and medium-sized manufacturers to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and improve their energy efficiency and productivity. The program, as have past SMART funding rounds, will improve the competitiveness of the Ontariomanufacturing supply chain delivering value not just to the SME-eligible manufacturers, but, also large manufacturers.

This new program will be delivered with the same methodology as the current SMART program. The program launch is planned for the fall of 2016.

CME remains resolute ‎that advanced technology adoption is the key to reducing emissions in the manufacturing sector and that this needs to be encouraged.  This new SMART fund is a step in the right direction toward assisting companies to reduce GHG’s while improving their energy efficiency and productivity to benefit the entire manufacturing supply chain.

The Evaluating Opportunities for Energy and GHG Reduction study will target 100 Ontario SME manufacturing facilities to develop energy conservation, energy management and energy efficiency retrofits best practices.  The study will seek to identify the impacts of advanced technology and productivity enhancement investments made in Ontario’s manufacturing sector to date. The compilation of best practices in attaining energy conservation and reduced greenhouse gas emissions will act as a guide to create a stronger and more agile SME manufacturing sector.

Following the completion of the energy study, details on a new, $25 million program for SME manufacturers looking to complete GHG and energy reduction projects will be unveiled.

For more information on how to participate in the energy study, being conducted with funding from the Ontario government in partnership with CME and ICF Consulting Canada, please contact: Paul Clipsham at 416.388.6711 or by e-mail at [email protected].




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