Webinar Replay: Vaccine Policy & The Workplace

A big thank you to everyone who attended last week’s webinar, Vaccine Policy & The Workplace, with the enormously informative presentation by HR lawyers Ian Johncox and Stephanie Miner of member business Mason, Bennett, & Johncox.

While the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s latest policy statement declaring the choice to be unvaccinated as a preference rather than a fundamental right may be clarifying for many policy-makers, it does little to reduce the friction that workplaces may be feeling surrounding this issue.

In this webinar, Ian and Stephanie give provide an excellent framework for how to create a vaccine policy for your workplace.  They cover:

    • Employer Obligations
    • Policy Implementation
    • Policy Content
    • Exemptions
    • Non-Compliance
    • Privacy Considerations
    • Policies For Patrons

With all of this in mind, we hope you find this webinar replay and accompanying slide deck useful.


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