Papa Bear’s Real Canadian BBQrew

Papa Bear's Real Canadian BBQrew is a unique catering social enterprise new to Durham. Papa Bear's is a registered business owned by The Refuge.

It was created to train and employ youth and providing top-notch catering services. The BBQrew is on a mission to improve the lives of young people, develop a giving community and provide an authentic Canadian BBQ experience. 

They specialize in smoked brisket, smoked stacked pork, smoked ribs, burgers and BBQ chicken. They strive to create uniquely Canadian flavours, using locally grown maple, black cherry and apple woods. All of their sauces are gluten and ketchup free. They honour the true tradition of BBQ by committing to slow smoking over real charcoal and wood. Wherever you need a unique catering experience Papa Bear's is your answer. 

This fall Papa Bear's is launching Git-R-Home – their take a home BBQ dinner program. Order ahead and they'll have your dinner ready for you, just heat and serve. For information contact Dave Peppiatt, Executive Chef at 905.260.1154 or visit for prices and ordering information.