Ep. 013 – LIVE Podcast – Sounds of the City: Oshawa Rock from the 50’s to 70’s

Wednesday was a pop vocal group from Oshawa who, among myriad other achievements, scored a hit single on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1974 with their cover of the Wayne Cochrane song (later made famous by Pearl Jam), “Last Kiss“, which peaked at #34 in the USA and #2 on the Canadian Charts.  The band was made up of a group of friends who collectively agreed that once they saw the Beatles on TV, that was it.  They needed to do that.

This podcast is another one of our live, open-discussion format episodes, recorded a few weeks ago at Kops Records in downtown Oshawa. with one of Oshawa’s pioneering rock and roll bands, Wednesday.  The interviewer for this episode is music journalist, archivist, and writer Will McGuirk.  Will also operates the art/music and culture blog, SlowCity.ca.  This discussion also features Glen from the 1950’s/60’s Oshawa-are band, The Blue Jays, who adds some interesting historical highlights about what the local scene was like for area musicians gigging in the very early days of rock and roll.

Right around the day we’re releasing this, Wednesday is receiving a Lifetime Achievement award at the Oshawa Music Awards, so congratulations to the whole band for that and please enjoy this conversation with Wednesday…

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