Ep. 009 – Nicholas Boothman – Get Started Before You’re Ready

“The only time we actually grow is when we’re learning something new or when there’s a whiff of danger in the air…” ~ Nicholas Boothman

Nicholas Boothman is a bestselling author and speaker who has sold over 3 million books in nearly 40 languages.  This episode picks up the conversation off the back of his recent keynote, How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less, given at the Durham College School of Business, IT and Management.  One of the students waited patiently to ask a question after the rest of the crowd had already left the event and Nick’s answer was definitely not what this person was expecting to hear.

In this podcast episode Nick shares widely on topics ranging from how he became a rock singer in Portugal to a career as an international fashion photographer and how he dramatically dropped it all behind to focus on a new career writing and speaking to share his messages and research about quickly making meaningful interpersonal connections. It all makes for a wild but enjoyable listen.

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