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Ontario Liberal Party Wins Majority Government – What’s their plan for Ontario Business?

June 13, 2014 – Today it was announced that Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberal Party will form the next government of Ontario. Recently, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce asked Ms. Wynne’s party to respond to the top five Business Priorities for the 2014 election. Here is what the Ontario Liberal Party says it will do to create a business climate that fosters investment and growth.

Business Priority 1
Tackle the Debt and Deficit
What specific steps will you take to eliminate the deficit and pay down the debt, while protecting core services that Ontarians value?
The Ontario Liberal Party is committed to balance the budget by 2017–18 in a fair and responsible way, and agrees with the OCC that across-the board cuts would hurt Ontarians and restrict our ability to balance the budget.
We have a strong record of fiscal management and achievement. We have maintained the lowest program spending per capita of any province. We have implemented around 80 percent of the Drummond recommendations, while rejecting those that would diminish public services. We’ve kept spending growth overall at around 2.2 percent over the last three years; less than the growth of the economy and inflation.


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