A Canada That Wins: The National Election Platform Of The Canadian Chamber Of Commerce

May 26, 2015 – As the country’s largest and most representative business advocacy network, it is fitting that the Canadian Chamber of Commerce launched its 2015 election platform, A Canada that Wins, on Parliament Hill and met with parliamentarians to discuss the measures needed to increase the ability of Canadian businesses to compete. When Canadians go to the polls on October 19, they will chart the course for Canada moving forward. 

“We all want to ensure Canada remains strong and competitive in this fast-changing world. We want to see our economy grow and we want more jobs for Canadians. The outcome of this election will be central to ensuring we have a rising and sustainable standard of living and a strong economy that is able to generate the wealth we need to provide for our aging population and the social programs we cherish,” stated Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

The challenge, today, is that we are racing against the greatest competitors in the world’s toughest marathon—the global economy—and are losing ground to the frontrunners. Ten years ago, Canada was the world’s 10th largest exporter. Today, we rank 13th. In 2014, the World Economic Forum ranked Canada 15th in global economic competitiveness; down five spots from 2009.
“The question we are faced with is: how do we stop this decline and turn things around to bring Canada back to the front of the pack?” commented Beatty.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is calling on political parties to engage with businesses and commit to practical solutions and actions in the four areas that are critical to the competitiveness of the Canadian economy:

•    Access to a powerful workforce
•    Access to capital
•    Access to technology and innovation
•    Access to markets

The Canadian Chamber network is like no other. It stretches across the breadth and depth of Canada’s business sectors. And the chamber network is one of the only networks with feet on the main street in communities throughout the country—mirroring the map of the federal political constituencies.

At each level of the network—local chambers, provincial/territorial chambers and the Canadian Chamber—the Chamber is at work within its communities and with governments to ensure the conditions are in place to foster business success.

Over the coming months, the Canadian Chamber looks forward to an ongoing dialogue with candidates out on the hustings. The Chamber welcomes the opportunity to speak to those who will shape Canada’s next Parliament about Canada’s ability to compete.

“We are all here for the same end result—we want our communities to be vibrant and we want our citizens to succeed”, stated Beatty.

A copy of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Electoral Platform, A Canada That Wins, is available here.

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